Joann Fulghum Bashinsky

Focused on growth in Alabama and the surrounding states

More About Mrs. B

Mama B

“A lot of people just write a check and move on, but she is 100 percent involved. She knows them by name, she knows when their birthdays are. That’s why they call her Mama B.” - Brodie Croyle


Mrs. Bashinsky personally contributed more than $17 million in scholarships, school supplies, and academic accessibility over the years. She was truly committed to eliminating the financial barriers that stand in the way of graduation for bright scholars.

Auxiliary of Big Oak Ranch

Big Oak Ranch was founded in the 1970's to provide a safe, solid, Christian home for children in need of a chance. Mrs. Bashinsky and Phyllis Hoffma founded The Auxiliary of Big Oak Ranch in 2006, a fundraising and volunteer service group of people who are dedicated to furthering the mission and giving back.

Bashinsky Foundation

Mrs. Bashinsky's late husband, Sloan, started the Bashinsky Foundation to provide scholarship dollars directly to the children of Golden Flake employees. When he passed, Mrs. B made it her mission to continue the work to immortalize his legacy.