A few words about

JFP Propoerties

our focus

JFB is a boutique commercial real estate company that focuses on developing properties to make communities better and stronger.

Commercial Real Estate

Development/New Builds

Whether breaking ground or redesigning, Mrs. B is always hands-on in her company’s development process.

Property Management

Our real estate portfolio is well curated. We manage properties with the goal of ensuring total client comfort and community enhancement.


If Mama B doesn’t like it, we won’t lease it. Our properties are maintained with a special level of care that only a mom could give. Our properties are updated and competitively priced for low turnover and high approval. We work with clients and communities to bring the right business and resources for all to mutually benefit.

Investment & Property Sales

We like to keep a close eye on things at JFB Properties and our portfolio reflects that. Joann and her team work diligently to keep a competitive edge. At any given time, JFB owns and/or manages 10-15 modern properties with high quality amenities.